Weekly Word
by Pastor Donna

God Gifts from the Father: 

A friend with a newborn baby once asked, “Why does the hospital think it is a good idea to send a fresh baby home with people whose parenting skills were honed by raising a dog?

Anyone can argue that new parents are walking out on faith and faith alone. These sleep deprived people must learn to trust the baby and their instincts and life experiences in the hope that they are going to make it to the next sunrise and sunset.  My daughter-in-law was determined to do everything right and she bought a remarkable parenting book. She insisted that Audrey and I read it too even though Audrey and her spouse raised she and her twin to adulthood successfully. When my kid’s twins came the book went out the window and Audrey’s experiences mattered more!  Today you can Google “is it normal for my baby to…” and let the autofill astound you.   Nevertheless, each child is as unique as their very fingerprints. 

In this week’s passage, Jesus, who reflects the father’s image, sends out the disciples and says simply go and heal the sick, cast out demons and teach and preach. The disciples did not have Google to ask HOW or WHAT to expect when casting out demons.  They watch Jesus teach, preach and heal firsthand, however, witnessing and doing are two different things.  It is by trial and error and trusting the gifts that will awaken within.   Jesus ordered them to go out in pairs. By going out together, the disciples were able to lean in on and discover from each other the gifts that empowered them to act.     

Parenting is like this too! We do not know the gifts that lay dormant within us until we are faced with meeting a challenge.  So, to all those who became fathers by birth or adoption or being a guardian, and all those mother’s, aunts and uncles and grandparents who took on the role of Father, your awakened gifts and positive contributions will always be Good Gifts to the children in your charge!   God Bless you all and Happy Father’s Day.  



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