by Pastor Donna

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

I have heard it said that there are three artists that give us music: God, who gives us magical wood to make the instruments; the instrument maker, who after months of labor awakens the music dwelling in the wood; then the musical maestro, who liberates the music from its woody confines to set the listener free.  When I think about us humans, we love music! We are instruments in and of ourselves. Whether we sing, whether we play an instrument or if we love listening to music! Music is as universal as breath. It sets us apart from the rest of creation. 

Imagine many years ago an old violin that was once played by the world’s most famous maestro. Over time the violin passed through many hands until it lay in a corner untouched and forgotten for many years. The estate is sold, and all items go to auction.   Everything else in the estate is sold first and the last item remains, the old, out of tune violin.  

At first the auctioneer only asked for a dollar or two, there were no takers. This went on for a while, until he got to four dollars, but no takers.  But then an old man came forward, picked the bow and tightened up the strings. And played. The violin’s sound overwhelmed everyone as the maestro played out a melody pure and sweet.  The auctioneer realizes this is a Stradivarius and reboots the auction saying who will give me a thousand dollars, how about two thousand! And hands fly up!  

What made the value of the violin change?  It was the touch of the master’s hand! 

I often think of times when life feels out of tune and stressful. Trials and tribulations can put us out of tune. We can become battered and scared running into the guard rails of life and the sounds within are more dissonant than harmonious.  This suffering often begs us to pray for the master to help tune us back to harmony!  

In what ways does your life feel out of tune? Let God THE MASTER tune you up and give you renewed life!  



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