by Pastor Donna Spencer Collins

The Trinity of Grace: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are key aspects of the Trinity of Grace; rooted in the belief that all people are created in the image of God and are worthy of love, respect, and acceptance. Thus, diversity, inclusion, and belonging exemplify Biblical grace in several ways. 

Diversity: the Bible teaches that God created all people in His image and loves them equally, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, social status or what they did or didn’t do. Embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity is a reflection of God’s grace towards humanity. 

 Inclusion:  the Bible teaches that all believers are included members of the same body of Christ, and as such, they should treat each other with love and respect. This means that everyone should be included and given a sense of belonging, regardless of their differences.

Belonging: diversity, inclusion, and belonging is a way of extending God’s grace.  There are so many people who are suffering, unaware that God loves them and has an action plan. Nevertheless, each of us has a choice to include God and others in our lives or not.   

So to sum up this concept of the Trinity of Grace. First, there’s no amount of embracing or valuing each other without a personal understanding of our own need for Grace. Second, all are included in Jesus’ simple invitation to “believe”. Finally, when we experience the diversity of  God’s wondrous love for all people, a deep transformative sense of belonging will occur. Furthermore, it is a fact that people will function well in a loving, diverse, inclusive reality of abundant life and belonging! And when this happens Jesus’s prayer, “May they be one as we are one” is realized.    



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  1. Very Nice Pastor Donna😀I plan on being at Church this Sunday. Beats a Taylor Swift Concert and we are close to our Pastor , Our Choir, Our Friends and New Friends every week. We can chat at coffee and snacks after in Fellowship Hall. Greater Groveland Rocks our House – John G

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