I genuinely care about the people of this congregation, and I want to be the best pastor I can be but I need you help.  I hope you find this list helpful


When to contact your pastor……. If you or a loved one are……..

  • Going into the hospital (even day surgeries)
    • Hospitals no longer notify pastor or churches when members are admitted
  • Feeling lost, confused, spiritually empty,
  • Need spiritual guidance.
  • If you are worried about the church
  • If you feel great and everything is fine
  • Feeling hurt or
  • When you going to be away from church for a long time
  • When you would like prayer
  • When you are facing a life changing event
  • Want to get to know the minister better
  • Have a compliment or a complaint


What I pledge..

  • I know that not everyone wants thier pastor to visit them and that is ok.
  • If I know you want me to visit, I will
  • You will not be added to the prayer list unless you ask
  • When I visit, I will not publicise it.
    • I do keep a confidential list that is shared with the office manager and Minister of Hospitality.


Call, Text or email

If I don’t answer leave a message

Pastor Chris





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