Are you called to ministry of visitation are care for those in need?


On January 28 will begin a 7 session training program.

Even if you don’t have time for visiting you can come to the training


Session I Monday January 28th 7pm in Memorial Hall

Session II Monday February 25th  7pm in Memorial Hall

Session III “TBA”

Session IV “TBA”

Session V “TBA”

Session VI “TBA”

Session VII “TBA”


While there is no cost for the training reservation are needed.  

Please Email Ron Mertens, Minister of Hospitality  if you plan to attend.


The aim of Called to Care is to enhance the skills of those called to a ministry  of caregiving by laypersons. Called to Care offers ways to gain ideas for organizing and caregiving efforts in a local church, familiarize individuals with particular areas for caregiving, and sharpen their caregiving skills.



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