by Pastor Donna Spencer Collins

 The Time is Now To… 

In a world shaped by uncertainty and the lasting effects of Covid-19, many individuals who once found solace and joy in attending church have become disconnected. However, it is time to focus on reigniting your passion and come home to Jesus and the church. Let’s explore the significance of your presence and the benefits you may be missing out on. 

These past few years have been life altering.  So many, including myself, have found ways to nurture their faith and worship God outside of a faith community. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the importance of community, spiritual growth, and the transformative power of congregational worship as well as our service together. 

Before delving into details, let’s address any concerns or misconceptions you may have.  We are not perfect.   Who is? Perfection is not the point. Realizing you are loved beyond your wildest dreams is the point.  Furthermore, we are spiritual beings living human experiences.   As spiritual beings, we must nurture our faith, inspire our hope and discover the God kind of love that challenges us and changes lives. Our ultimate reality encompasses an eternal destiny. 

I want to invite you to close your eyes and imagine the church experience you once cherished—the warm fellowship, the uplifting sermons, and the sense of belonging. I want you to imagine children in Sunday school or VBS, and family events.  Remember baptisms and Communion and the spiritual connections, the joyous celebrations, and the transformative power of worship and growing together in faith and in your relationship with God.  

When I consider this mental image, I see my grandmother praying for me. One generation calling to the next.  My heart aches as I wonder who in this generation is calling to the next to keep the great relay going.   What will it take to rekindle the flame of passion and reignite your love for the church?  The church is not the building but the people who gather there and we are not complete if you are not here or the children are not here. Your presence enriches the tapestry, the mosaic of the congregation, and your absence leaves a void that cannot be filled without you. 

As an Open and Affirming congregation where all are welcome; where diversity, inclusion and belonging are treasured. We invite you to come home and reconnect or connect with us for the first time. Together let us foster a renewed enthusiasm for gathering as believers and experience the immeasurable value we gain when we worship and serve God and others. 



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