Dear Head Chef/ Meal Organizer –

Thank you so much for volunteering to coordinate the cooking and delivery of an Emmaus meal this coming year. Please find attached the schedule of dates and volunteers. The following are same guidelines to assist you with organizing your meal:
• GCC provides meals for the third Tuesday of each month.
• The meal is prepared for 125 persons, and is delivered to the Emmaus Family Shelter (about 90 adults & children) and to Mitch’s Adult Shelter (about 35 adults).
• Delivery is by 4PM on Tuesday – brought into the family shelter on How Street.
• Each meal should include a main dish, vegetables and/or salad, dessert and drinks. Often fruit and bread/butter is also delivered as part of the meal. The family shelter should get two gallons of 1% or 2% milk and a gallon of juice and Mitch’s can get two large sodas or cider or lemonade and a gallon of milk (skim or 1%) – Information about recipes or planning for this many people can be found an the Missions Committee bulletin board.
• We no longer serve at the family shelter – therefore – drop off is earlier to both shelters usually on Tuesday afternoon between 2-4PM. Sandy Daniels can help with delivery if no other person is available – please call her well ahead of time to give her notice.
• Cooking and preparation can be done at home or at the church on Monday. All foods and items to be delivered should be refrigerated as necessary, labeled and ready for the delivery person to pick up on Tuesday. Remember to identify which items go to each facility. Meals do not need to be delivered hot, but should be fully cooked for reheating at the facility with instructions for reheating.
• Although many cooks and groups donate the ingredients for their meal – reimbursement is available by submitting receipts to the church office. Missions has approved up to $350.00 reimbursement per month.
Again thank you for participating in this important Missions work and one more request – please try to involve at least one person who has not done an Emmaus meal in the past – therefore insuring the continuation and future of this tradition to help those in need. You will receive a reminder call at the beginning of the month you are cooking.

In His Service,
The Missions Committee
Carol Patnaude (978) 372-5756