WE ARE…The Groveland Congregational Church, a member of the United Church of Christ; we acknowledge Jesus Christ as the sole Head of the Church. We adhere to belief in the traditional doctrine of the Trinity: God as Father and Creator, Jesus as Son and Savior, and the Holy Spirit as Guide and Comforter. Within our polity, major decisions are made by vote of the congregation.

WE WELCOME…All baptized Christians to unite with us by Rite of Confirmation, Profession of Faith, or transfer from another Christian Church. We ask participation, to the best of one’s ability, in the life and ministries of the Church and witnessing to the work and Word of Christ.

WE ARE…A covenantal rather than a creedal church, and believe that  “… In essential unity, in nonessential diversity, in all things charity.” We are thus unified in our belief in Christ as Lord, diversified in views of polity and practices, and love one another always.

WE HAVE…a new vision for the new millennium, that our church may “become a true community in the sense of fellowship, spiritual growth and caring for eachother, as we fulfill our calling as the children of God and servants to eachother.”