From the Ministry Team

The Ministry team has been hard at work fulfilling their commitment to the Groveland Congregational Church.

A commitment was made by us to you, our church family, to move the church forward while navigating the changes brought on by the CORONA VIRUS and the loss of our interim pastor.

We began in early spring by suggesting the service be moved to the church parking lot or other outdoor venue. There would be problems, but Pastor Chris liked the idea and with the help of Pastor Donna and many others, created an extraordinarily successful outdoor program that lasted from early spring through August.  God blessed our congregation with barely a blip in the weather for each Sunday.

As the summer moved on it became clear that the time would come when we would either close the church or find a way to be a new church indoors, utilizing the mandated protocols dictated by the Virus and the regulations and safety concerns associated with it, we began. This was a time of intense prayer, research and planning, knowing all the time that it could all change in an instant. We never became discouraged.

Whenever something we thought would work and then could not, our strategy was to keep looking in other directions until a solution could be found. With the help of God, the solutions always came.

Here we stand. The doors of the church are open. The organ is playing, and we are safely seated in the sanctuary worshiping together.  Pastor Donna, as well as other supply pastors have eagerly offered to provide their services to our congregation and all required precautions offering a healthy environment are in place.  It is not the same, but we can do this. I passionately believe that it is for these reasons that we have become more appreciative of our church than ever before. The first time you come back, the first time you see your friends, when you hear linda playing the organ, there will be tears. Our souls have been hungry, our church will feed our souls again. Hope is coming for a new and better normalcy. If you are thinking that the old way was good, it was. It just will never be that way again. Again, I say, we can do this. As to date,

  •  Perry Park Preschool will open.
  • Boy Scout meetings have been reinvented and will return in the early fall.
  • Chime Choir will begin in September with an increased schedule at services
  • The Thrift Shop has resumed their regular hours and are accepting donations
  • The Snowflake Fair is on. On-Line that is!
  • Sunday School will still connect with the kids
  • Church as always, 10:00, bell ringing, music playing, praising God together. AMEN

Thank you all for your support and faith in our process for reopening. We will continue to serve our church community to find more ways to add to our needs.

Susan A. D’Angelo,

 Minister of Worship